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년도, 논문에 따른 연구 논문 목록
년도 논문
2023 Morphology, anatomy, micromorphology, and palynology of the squirrel's foot fern, Davallia mariesii (Davalliaceae)
2023 Lipopolysccharides에 의해 활성화된 미세아교세포에서 수질(水蛭)추출물의 뇌신경염증 억제 효과
2022 GC-MS and LC-TOF-MS Profiles, Toxicity, and macrophage-dependent In vitro Anti-Osteoporosis Activity of Prunus africana (Hook f.) Kalkman Bark
2022 한의학을 기반으로 한 가평 보리산 일대 산림치유 단지 조성 사례
2022 Systematic palynology in Korean Piperales with special focus on its exine surface ornamentation and orbicule morphology
2022 금앵자 기원종, 왕찔레나무(장미과)의 미세형태학적 연구
2021 Comparative Floral and Pollen Micromorphology of Leonurus japonicus and L. macranthus (Lamiaceae)
2021 왕우렁이 추출물의 역류성 식도염 억제 효과
2021 A comprehensive study of the genus Sanguisorba (Rosaceae) based on the floral micromorphology, palynology, and plastome analysis
2021 Plastid Phylogenomic Data Offers Novel Insights Into the Taxonomic Status of the Trichosanthes kirilowii Complex (Cucurbitaceae) in South Korea
2021 Indirect in vitro regeneration of Aspilia africana medicinal plant through callus, and histological assessment at different developmental stages
2021 PCR-based rapid diagnostic tools for the authentication of medicinal mistletoe species
2021 通草, 木通 신속 감별용 ITS 염기서열 기반 SCAR 마커 및 Multiplex-SCAR 분석법 개발
2021 An in vitro Propagation of Aspilia africana (Pers.) C. D. Adams, and Evaluation of Its Anatomy and Physiology of Acclimatized Plants
2021 분류학적 개념을 기반으로 한 동북아 5개국 공정서 미나리과(산형과) 기원종 비교 연구
2021 Gekko gecko extract attenuates airway inflammation and mucus hypersecretion in a murine model of ovalbumin-induced asthma
2021 Role of Semisulcospira gottschei extract as medicinal food on reflux esophagitis in rats
2020 약용식물자원을 중심으로 한 건강기능식품 국내 특허 동향분석
2020 A Micropropagation Protocol for the Endangered Medicinal Tree Prunus africana (Hook f.) Kalkman: Genetic Fidelity and Physiological Parameter Assessment
2020 민꽃게 추출물의 역류성 식도염 동물모델에서 유효성 평가
2020 Three Scrophularia plants (Scrophularia buergeriana, S. koraiensis, and S. takesimensis) inhibit RANKL-induced osteoclast differentiation in bone marrow derived macrophages
2020 동북아 5개국 약전 수재 장미과 기원종 비교 연구
2020 Scrophularia buergeriana attenuate allergic inflammation by reducing NF-κB activation
2020 In Vitro Antiosteoporosis Activity and Hepatotoxicity Evaluation in Zebrafish Larvae of Bark Extracts of Prunus jamasakura Medicinal Plant
2020 Floristic study of Mt. Gasan: an online platform for virtual specimens
2020 Taxonomic Implication of Leaf Micromorphology using Microscopic Analysis: A Tool for Identification and Authentication of Korean Piperales
2020 Complete chloroplast genome of Disporum sessile
2020 탐진강 하구역 일대(강진군)의 관속식물상
2020 분류 개념을 포함한 관속식물 목-과 부호 제안
2020 Mantidis Oötheca (mantis egg case) original species identification via morphological analysis and DNA barcoding
2020 An Integrated Approach for Efficient and Accurate Medicinal Cuscutae Semen Identification
2020 Accurate and rapid identification of Longan Arillus and Litchi Semen by a multiplex PCR assay
2020 Comparative Analysis of Actaea Chloroplast Genomes and Molecular Marker Development for the Identification of Authentic Cimicifugae Rhizoma
2020 HPLC를 이용한 국내 유통품 황금의 성분패턴 비교 연구
2020 Establishment of conventional PCR and real-time PCR assays for accurate, rapid and quantitative authentication of four mistletoe species
2020 Histological assessment of different developmental stages of In vitro micro-propagation of Asparagus cochinchinensis
2019 新疆紫草와 內蒙紫草의 형태, 분포 및 분류학적 검토
2019 Comparative Morphological, Ultrastructural, and Molecular Studies of Four Cicadinae Species Using Exuvial Legs
2019 Complete chloroplast genome of Achyranthes bidentata Blume
2019 Sequencing and Comparative Analysis of the Chloroplast Genome of Angelica polymorpha and the Development of a Novel Indel Marker for Species Identification.
2019 주사전자 현미경/에너지 분산형 X-선 검출 분광기(SEM/EDX)를 이용한 선퇴 기원종 및 근연 분류군의 조성 분석 연구
2019 Studies on morphological characteristics of the original species, Cryptotympana atrata as a Cicadidae Periostracum
2019 Determination of fatty acids in the seeds of Lepidium apetalum Willdenow, Descurainia sophia (L.) Webb ex Prantl, and Draba nemorosa L. by ultra-high-performance liquid chromatography equipped with a charged aerosol detector
2019 Karyotype and genome size variation in Ajuga L. (Ajugoideae, Lamiaceae)
2019 COI 염기서열 기반 백강잠 신속 감별용 SCAR marker 개발
2019 Cuscuta Species Identification Based on theMorphology of Reproductive Organs and Complete Chloroplast Genome Sequences
2018 Development of conventional PCR and real-time PCR assays to discriminate the origins of Chinese pepper oil and herbal materials from Zanthoxylum
2018 The complete chloroplast genome of Cnidium officinale Makino
2018 삼백초와 약모밀의 내부형태 비교 연구
2018 DNA 바코드 분석을 통한 개자 및 운대자 감별
2018 The complete chloroplast genome of Cuscuta pentagona Engelm
2018 The Complete Chloroplast Genomes of Six Ipomoea Species and Indel Marker Development for the Discrimination of Authentic Pharbitidis Semen (seeds of I.nil or I. purpurea)
2018 The complete chloroplast genome sequence of Fritillaria thunbergii Miq., an important medicinal plant, and identification of DNA markers to authenticate Fritillariae Bulbus
2018 Complete chloroplast genome of Sanguisorba × tenuifolia Fisch. ex Link
2018 Authentication of Herbal Medicines Dipsacus asper and Phlomoides umbrosa Using DNA Barcodes, Chloroplast Genome, and Sequence Characterized Amplified Region (SCAR) Marker
2018 범용성 DNA 바코드 분석 기반 한국산 천남성속(Arisaema L.) 식물의 분자계통학적 연구
2018 Complete chloroplast genome of Actaea heracleifolia (Kom.) J. Compton
2018 외부 및 미세형태 비교를 통한 牽牛子 기원종 및 동속이종(同屬異種) 감별
2018 국내 재배산 알로에 6 분류군 잎의 비교해부학적 연구
2018 Morphological Identification of Lepidii Seu Descurainiae Semen and Adulterant Seeds Using Microscopic Analysis
2018 Authentication of the Herbal Medicine Angelicae Dahuricae Radix Using an ITS Sequence-Based Multiplex SCAR Assay
2018 matK 증폭용 primer 개발 및 염기서열 분석을 통한 葶藶子 유전자 감별
2017 Peptide Nucleic Acid Based Molecular Authentication for Identification of Four Medicinal Paeonia Species Using Melting Array Analysis of the Internal Transcribed Spacer 2 Region
2017 Differentiating authentic Adenophorae radix from its adulterants in commercially-processed samples using multiplexed its sequence-based SCAR markers
2017 The complete chloroplast genome sequences of aconitum pseudolaeve and aconitum longecassidatum, and development of molecular markers for distinguishing species in the aconitum subgenus lycoctonum
2017 동북아 각국 공정서의 한약재 규격 기준 비교(8) - 용안육
2017 The complete chloroplast genome sequence of Aconitum coreanum and Aconitum carmichaelii and comparative analysis with other Aconitum species
2017 동북아 각국 공정서의 한약재 규격 기준 비교(9) - 강황
2017 ITS2 DNA 바코드 염기서열 분석을 통한 천속단과 산토끼꽃 감별
2017 Development and characterization of 21 microsatellite markers in Daphne kiusiana, an evergreen broad-leaved shrub endemic to Korea and Japan
2016 범용성 DNA 바코드(matK, rbcL) 분석을 통한독활(獨活) 유전자 감별용 Marker Nucleotide 발굴
2016 동북아 각국 공정서의 한약재 규격 기준 비교(7) - 육계
2016 Rapid Authentication of the Herbal Medicine Plant Species Aralia continentalis Kitag. and Angelica biserrata C.Q. Yuan and R.H. Shan Using ITS2 Sequences and Multiplex-SCAR Markers
2016 The complete chloroplast genome sequence of a medicinal plant Aconitum volubile var. pubescens Regal (Ranunculaceae)
2016 동북아 각국 공정서의 한약재 규격 기준 비교(5) - 길경
2016 한약재 정력자(葶藶子, Lepidii seu Descurainiae Semen) 기원식물에 대한 형태학적 감별 연구
2016 동북아 각국 공정서의 한약재 규격 기준 비교(6) - 마황
2016 Molecular identification and phylogenetic analysis of important medicinal plant species in genus Paeonia based on rDNA-ITS, matK, and rbcL DNA barcode sequences
2015 한약자원식물 회양목의 보존·증식을 위한 생태·생장 특성 연구
2015 울릉도의 관속식물상
2015 The complete plastid genome of Piper kadsura (Piperaceae), an East Asian woody vine

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